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African American Couple

Welcome. I am Dr. Nicole Sucre, a clinical health psychologist and geropsychologist. East Bay Health Psychology is my private practice. 

I am dedicated to providing quality psychological care for adults and older adults who are struggling with medical and neurological illnesses, facing end of life concerns, attempting to make sense of unexplained physical symptoms, or working to live their lives in the wake of traumatic stress and grief.

In these situations, people often face uncertainty, a feeling of aloneness, a constricted sense of possibility, and fears of an anticipated but unknown future. Some find that old patterns have resurfaced, others have new and unsettling experiences. Many struggle to find hope in situations beyond their control.

I use evidence based treatments, knowledge of mind/body/brain relationships, and a deep appreciation of human dignity, relationships, choice, and hope to help people restore resilience, alleviate suffering, and build meaning in their lives. This work is possible, if not always easy, even in our darkest hours.